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Vaša košarica je prazna


The founders of ESCOBAR Specialty Coffee Roasters are Katja and Omar Escobar. Our journey began on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. It was not love at first sight, but now, when we look back more clearly, we realize it was much more than that. Fate causes certain things to just happen in our lives without any apparent reason. Another lucky spark was also the start of our coffee business!

Coming from Honduras, Omar’s coffee palate is very demanding and he was not keen on the commercial coffees available in Slovenian shops. At home they grow coffee trees instead of apple and pear trees. He was used to harvesting red coffee cherries with his grandmother, home-roasting them and preparing a wonderful cup of coffee, rich with the flavours and aromas of cranberries, caramel and almonds.

When Omar moved to Slovenia he tried to find fresh green coffee beans and met a supplier with whom we established a strong and stable relationship. We work directly with the coffee farmers, which enables us to get access to smaller farms. We have already visited many of these specialist smaller producers. Omar is our head buyer and roaster. Quite simply the skills are in his genes, but even he is still learning about coffee and curious to find out more.

In the beginning we didn’t have any professional equipment and Omar was hand-roasting beans on a wood-burning stove. Interest quickly grew in our coffee from neighbours, family and friends, until we took a very exciting decision… Omar’s hobby became our every day job! We invested in professional equipment and followed the path where we are walking now. If you love great tasting coffee, then, together, we hope you will join us on this path.

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